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Instructions (also known as STEP THREE to new members) - The Eyes and the Ears.
[I am the Upper East Side]
Instructions (also known as STEP THREE to new members)

The moderators at this community all come from very different backgrounds of RPG experience. Because of the unique styles of rpg'ing, I would like to take this time to familiurize you with the way we RP at this community.

Role Playing Threads are all done through the 4 in character communities. Character's my chose to RP at

ues_social- Whenever character's get together on the town for any social event, the thread will go here. Any parties, dates, outings, formals, or club threads will also occur in here. Any invitations to parties (once approved by the moderators) should be posted in this thread. This thread should also be used for everyday social gatherings, ie: hanging out at the Met, lunch at Santiago's Italian kitchen etc.

ues_school- All classroom, homeroom, extra curricular, sports, before school, after school threads go here.

ues_shopping -All threads that involve characters shopping will go here. Since this is one of the more popular activities for our characters, it has been given its own community.

ues_home - All characters live in the Upper East Side in Manhattan. All threads that occur in their homes occur in this community. Phone calls and emails should also should be posted here.

Please specify in the subject of your thread who is allowed to be in the thread. If two characters are having a date and they don't want anyone else coming they might write:

Subject: Emma and Will's Date.

Please be respectful of the subjects. If your character is excluded, don't take it out on the writer. Also, if there is a thread involving two characters and your character isn't one of them, then please don't take it upon yourself to put your character into that thread.

However, if a girl is at Starbucks and wouldn't mind running into some friends you would write:

Subject: Hannah and OTA.

OTA, Open to anyone, signifies that any character may join this thread.

I am also aware that many of our new RPG'ers haven't ever used this "thread" way of RPG'ing. Therefore, I will use the next section to describe exactly what goes into a thread.

To make this easier, I've added a sample thread that occured at another community. I will be disecting peices of this thread, in order to fully explain how everything works.


The journal starts out with the character Heather De La Renta posting an entry in the nyc_downtown journal. She wrote:

SubjectHeather and Adam (Pandas!)

"C'mere little Panda." Heather cooed into the cage. "You're so cute."

::She sat by the cage, her hands in her lap. She didn't have to meet her mom. That was a lie, and both she and Adam knew it.::

Adam. She thought. Why does he make me feel like this? She thought as she pushed her hair back. She felt tears welling up, but held them back.

"Don't ever let them see you cry." She whispered to herself. She turned to look at the Panda's again.

"You're lucky." She said to them. "You don't have to wrory about liking your best friend's boyfriend."

::She turned back, leaning her head against the cage and pulling out her sidekick, typing out an e-mail to Adam. She was just about to send it when she saw walking towards her...::

During this post, several things are happening. When a statement is italized, this shows you that it is a thought. Any statement in italics can not be heard by any other person in the conversation. However, words that are put into "quotation marks" are statements said outloud. Anyone in earsshot can hear what your character has just said. By using colon's arent sentances, you are signifying an action. In the example post ::She sat by a cage, her hands in her lap. She didn't have to meet her mom. That was a lie, and both she and Adam knew it:: Not only is the character using these colons to explain the action but also to provide background information, with not only gives depth to the character but also helps other RPG'ers know what is going on.

The ues_ooc journal can be used for any Out Of Character discussion. This can be used to create plottage, ask questions, or get to know any of your fellow players. Please use this community, as it is an essential resource in growing as an rpg'er.