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The Rules - The Eyes and the Ears.
[I am the Upper East Side]
The Rules
The Rules can be found at: http://www.social-chair.com/rules.php

1. Please don't confuse OOC (Out of Character) with IC(In Character). Don't bring your outside drama into the game, this is meant to be fun! If your character is having a fight with another character, that does not give you the right to dislike the writer and vice versa.

2. All major plotlines must be cleared with one of the four moderators before occuring. This includes:

- Pregnancy
- Abortion
- Death/Suicide
- Your character leaving the country
- Your character throwing a party
- Eating Disorders/alcoholism/self-mutilation

3. Do not TyPe Lyke Dis! Proper English, please.

4. You must update your characters journal at least once every two weeks. Please no one line entries - it's nice to see into your character, and besides, we all like reading other people's journals!

5. If your character is approved with a "mature" plotline, please handle it with care. Eating Disorders, abortions, pregnancies are all serious topics - please don't take them lightly.

6. "Pregnancies are allowed but they must be played out realistically which means half the time. That's right folks, 20 weeks. If you decide to create a little one, please check pregnancy websites for accurate information. It takes almost 6 weeks in real life to find out you're pregnant which is 3 weeks in UES time. If you violate these rules, you will be asked to leave the community. We want maturity here, not a lot of ill thought out drama. Drama=good Bad planning=bad." (taken from LA Life on Greatest Journal)

7. Once accepted please put a disclaimer on the biography portion of your character's journal. It should look something like this (fill in the blanks)

Not real. (Character's name here) is fake, being played by (PB name here).

8. Any questions or concerns please take them up with one of the moderators. No flaming other people's journals!

9. To make sure you have read the rules, please put on the application, where it asks: "Are you In or are you out?" Please answer "Should I stay or should I go."

10. Please post your schedule and your user biography in your character's journal info.

11. When threads get hot which they sometimes may do. Please remove copy and paste this link in the first entry of the thread!

12. Please check that the first name or surname of your character isn't already in use by one of the members. The list can be found here. Although there are plenty of people with the same name in the real world, this is not the real world and it's easier and less confusing for everyone. There are plenty of names, we don't need three people called Sarah etc. We do however allow names that are the same but spelt differently (for example: Olivya & Olivia) but the alternate spelling must be a recognized name and not something you made up. The only exception where the surname can be the same is if people are related, the younger/older brother or sister of another character, although that must be discussed with the gamer beforehand if it's a sibling of an already existing character. For help with names, you may always see namestatistics.com or babynames.com.

13. Please check on the application page to see whether we are actually accepting the sex of character you want. At certain times, we stop one sex when there's an uneven amount of characters.

14. Please also check on the application page to see what type of characters we're currently not accepting, like for example heirs/heiresses.

15. Although we have no limit on the amount of characters you can have, if you already have characters here, please make sure they're fairly developed and that you thread with them regulary/keep their journals up to date, before deciding to apply with another character.

16. Don't direct link images from fansite galleries, bandwidth stealing is unfair, and we have our own image archive where you can upload pictures of your pb and direct link them. If you don't want to use the image archive, then use a free server such as photobucket.

17. Because of the maturity of the game, and the other gamers you must be atleast 17 years old to join.

18. You can no longer change your pb when you feel like it. It's confusing for the mods, and other gamers so the decision must not be taken lightly. It costs 500 points (see rewards scheme for details) to change your PB, and please think carefully before choosing your new pb; it's confusing having known a character who was pale with blonde hair to suddenly become tanned and dark haired.

19. By submitting an application you are agreeing that if you are caught stealing/copying/borrowing any parts of this community without permission we have the total right to remove you.

20. Thank you! And have fun!