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The Eyes and the Ears.

[I am the Upper East Side]

Upper East Side Social Chair
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We live fairy tale lives. Welcome to the Upper East Side. Life here doesn't get much better. Within these blocks you will find the richest, the prettiest, the best that New York City has to offer. We all live on "millionaires row" the most expensive block in all of Manhattan, attending Trinity School, the best public school within the New York School district. We only drink the best, dine with the best, wear the best, and act the best. You can find us at the latest fashion or awards show at the moment, or dining at the best restaurant, sitting in the greatest tables. We have no problem using our charms, good looks, and last names to get exactly what we think we deserve.

Good looks, charm and great fortune come at a high price though. Within these blocks you will uncover mystery and betrayal - backstabbing, affairs and everything in between.

It's not for everybody, but if you think that you can handle the Upper East Side, apply now.

Take a peak inside our world.

Allie: The Yearbook/All Website-Related Management
Ashley: Graphics/Icons/Layouts/Organization
Bridget: (New) Member Services/General Questions
Britnie: Social/Special Events/Conflict

Under NO circumstances are these journals to be misconstrued and taken as reality as they are for entertainment purposes ONLY. The content, ideas and events held within the journals are not real in any way, shape or form. The people portrayed are not real in anyway either. The journals are ficticious publications, as a part of a Role Playing Game based on living in the Upper East Side of New York City. However this is all extremely FAKE and not meant to be taken seriously. The social_chair takes no responsibility for the content of the journals within the community. Be warned that there may be adult language and content within to be handled by a mature readership. Credit to _heiressicons for rating icons.

Please visit our website for a more in depth disclaimer along with information about the the UES Role Playing Game, such as a taken-PB list and rules. Terms and Conditions for use of our Message Board and Image Archive can be found there as well. Thank you.

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